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So, we have a truck...

Again, this set-up was not what our intentions were from the beginning but exactly what God had planned for us!


And we’re not surprised…everything else about our lives as domestic missionaries has been so "outside the box".

There are so many details in this that we could not possibly know about or capture them all... ​

Here's our best attempt at piecing together the timeline of events :-)​

We know many others testimonies have been intertwined with ours

and we are encouraged when you share them!


Dec 2021

We landed in Greenville, South Carolina to winter for a few months.

God led us to visit/attend Abundant Life Church while we were in the area.

Bob ended up meeting with the Pastor and felt we were to "plug-in"with them.

On the drive home from that meeting, our truck's engine started acting up

and it was later determined to be a lost cause.

In conversation about our situation, our landlord said we should get a class 7 truck instead of a pickup.

We laughed it off at the time as it wouldn't have quite worked with our current setup.​

We spent that Christmas and New Years in Wisconsin, Bob served as minister for Sarah's Brother's wedding, and we were lent a family minivan to get around.

January 2022

We shared our situation with our partners and prayers and financial support started coming in. (Thank you!)


March 2022

Early March, the minivan was ready to "move on" and we prayed for direction on if we should purchase a small vehicle to use at least until the truck situation was resolved.  At the same time, we were *randomly* gifted money from a partner (basically the exact amount needed for the car we were praying on)... bought the small car.​ We are thankful for people that hear the Lord and obey, and Yay for Prius gas mileage!


June 2022

Feeling the draw to downsize our living space, re-vamp our budget and simplify even more, we downsized again/purchased a smaller travel trailer, in faith and hope that we could move toward finding a smaller/cheaper truck than what we previously had.

July 2022

The "GiveSendGo" fund was setup for our re-mobilization​.


September 2022

Sold 5th wheel toy hauler (our initial trailer) to another missionary family whom had been praying for "our trailer" to meet their needs.  Bob and a church friend went with them a couple hours away to help set it up their first time.​

This also eliminated a monthly loan payment, reducing our expenses.


March 2023

Abundant Life Church hosted a week-long revival event "Kingdom Unite" with the heart to unite the Kingdom (across denominational lines) together for a time of Worship and teaching. Our family's remobilization need was a secondary cause the church's all came to "Unite"around and as a united group raised about $10,000 for our need! THANK YOU!


​April 2023 

Through networking, we were blessed to be connected with a dealership and offered a deal on a truck. When we went to look at that truck we didn't feel comfortable with the vehicle history or payload specifications.

Feeling the need to get back on the road quickly, we lowered our goal of $70K for newer used truck to $48K as the market was also starting to come down and we'd started to find some limited but decent used options in $48K range.  The couple of trucks we were eyeballing sold quickly...God nudged us to look "outside the box".​



 On a phone call with friends, we had joked about looking at

old flatbed tow trucks so we literally "tow" our trailer and then could bring our car with us.... then's not a half bad idea... why not?

That night we found a similar listing for a crew cab,

16' flatbed "construction truck" with low miles, within driving distance.

We shared the listing with a few trusted friends

and felt we could make it work for our needs if the truck itself was "solid" and decided to call on it the next day.



Bob called the dealer on the listing.  Unbeknownst to us, the price had dropped overnight and every detail talked about sounded like it would indeed work for us, if it was as good as the "salesman" made it out to sound.


While on the call with the dealership, our landlord (Chris) had walked down to our trailer to talk to Bob. Chris (who had no idea what Bob was on the call for) had felt like he needed to come over to tell us that the Lord told him it was time for us to go and for him to help us get on the road. He went on to say that we were released from any project we felt like we still needed to help with on the property.


Bob drove down and spent a day in Florida to check out the truck in person all day Tuesday 5/2.

Everything checked out and he was able to start a list of needed upgrades and maintenance tasks to bring the vehicle up to par for towing across country.

On the way home, Bob talked with 2 trusted friends in WI that "know trucks" and was even more encouraged that this was indeed a good move. 

This week we were also notified of an anonymous $4000 gift that would be coming in, and we felt it was an encouragement to continue to pursue this path.



In faith through prayer, we moved forward to purchase the truck "as-is" and made plans to pick it up the following week.


Sunday Morning, 100%!!

Pastor Jamie shared his heart for our family's need, and that we had made a move in faith that the rest of the funding would come is as we needed it.

God moved on peoples hearts,

and by the end of service the remaining $19,000 needed was donated!

You can navigate to the 40:00 and 2:08:00 marks... or watch the whole service if you have the time

We're still in awe and full of gratitude over this!!



Having the full-funding to purchase the truck and make necessary upgrades, we drove down to Lakeland, FL to pick it up (and towed Prius back behind it).

MAY / JUNE 2023

The rest of May and beginning of June is a blur of preparing the truck for launch. 🚀🤓​

We are grateful for help from our ALC family,

especially in the last two weeks of us trying to get everything in order, including power washing the trailer ;-)

We are grateful for help from our landlord Chris.

God definitely knew what He was doing when He placed us on

the property we've called home this past 18 months.

We wouldn't have been able to manage upgrades and maintenance on the truck without the facility, tools, and knowledge/skill, and of course good conversation the Lord provided through Chris.​



11:59pm ;) We officially launched from SC


God's story continues...


We were able to meet up with some friends at an overnight stay at a campground on our way to KC.​​


We then made it to KC, where we planned a few days to fine tune the truck

to make sure it was ready for the "big hills" out west. We also had a chance to catch with some friends as time allowed. Oh-- and also picked up our favorite BBQ for our fridge so we had yummy road food in the middle of Nebraska and Wyoming ;-)

This stop proved to be priceless...

Bob was able to pull on his knowledge and connections from when he drove truck in KC

and was able to get the truck into CAT and Ford mechanics to finish dialing it in.

All the work completed, we were confident to move on west!


​In the end, we were able to buy/modify this truck to fit our needs

way cheaper than a newer pickup truck that would have far less benefits.


It was over a month of non-stop work to get it done but it came together well.

It allows us to have the capacity/ power to haul all our stuff, safely, with no worry about payload…

and our small fuel efficient car is with us on location for daily transportation! ​



For our truck spec friends - it’s a 2000 Ford F750 with a 300hp/860FT-LBS Caterpillar 3126 paired with an Allison MD3560 6spd transmission. Purchased with176k miles.



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